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Scientific production/articles during the internships

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Accès rapides

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du 14 au 18 novembre 2022 :

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  • Year 2021 :

- Y. Bouchereau  : Effect of linewidth enhancement factor on the generation of optical vortices in a class-A degenerate cavity semiconductor laser.

- L. Sarfati : Triangulating black hole forming stellar collapses through neutrinos

- Z. Chen : Steady states of holographic interfaces

  • Year 2020 :

- L. Touzo  : Optimal work extraction and the minimum description length principle

- L. Touzo  : Information thermodynamics of financial markets : the Glosten-Milgrom model

  • Year 2019 :

- W. Ke  : Model-independent method for measuring the angular coefficients of B0→D∗−τ+ντB^0 \to D^*- \tau^+ \nu_\tauB0→D∗−τ+ντ​ decays

- T. Colas : Efficient cosmological analysis of the SDSS/BOSS data from the Effective Field Theory of Large-Scale Structure

- N. Patil :Mitochondrial cristae modeled as an out-of-equilibrium membrane driven by a proton field

- B. Coquinot : “A General Metriplectic Framework With Application To Dissipative Extended Magnetohydrodynamics

- G. Le Lay : The life and fate of a bubble in a geometrically perturbed Hele-Shaw

- S. Deng :Quintessential α-attractor inflation : forecasts for Stage IV galaxy surveys

- V. Mouet : Rayleigh–Taylor instability between unequally stratified layers

- A. Rivière : Sub-Hinze scale bubble production in turbulentbubble break-up

Year 2016 :

- Lucas Pinol : Imprint of DESI fiber assignment on the anisotropic power spectrum of emission line galaxies
- François Larrouturou : Where does curvaton reside ? Differences between bulk and brane frames

Year 2015 :

- Alex Ayet : The single-particle density matrix of a quantum bright soliton from the coordinate Bethe Ansatz, J. Stat. Mech. (2017).
- Leo Quentin : Rotation and magnetism in intermediate mass stars to appear in MNRAS
- Alexis Poncet : Universal Non-Debye Scaling in the Density of States of Amorphous Solids
- Annette Cazaubiel : Collective strategies and cyclic dominance in asymmetric predator-prey spatial games
- Amir Porat : Widefield lensless imaging through a fiber bundle via speckle correlations
- David Martin : Problems with Using Separated Variables for Computing Expectation Values for Higher Ranks
- Antoine Maillard : Islands of stability and recurrence times in AdS
- Adrien Kuntz : Cross-correlation of CFHTLenS galaxy catalogue and Planck CMB lensing using the halo model prescription

Year 2014 :

- Julien Moussou : Ribbon curling via stress relaxation in thin polymer films
- Sophie Marbach : Femtosecond-laser hyperdoping silicon in an SF6 atmosphere : Dopant incorporation mechanism,Journal of Applied Physics 117 (12), 125301.
- Sophie Marbach : Creating femtosecond-laser-hyperdoped silicon with a homogeneous doping profile,Applied Physics Letters 106 (6), 062105.
- Alexis Brès : Two-loop cusp anomaly in ABJM at strong coupling.

Year 2013 :

- Guillaume Rémy : Near-criticality underlies the behavior of early tumor growth..
- Maria El Abassi : Electrolyte gate dependent high-frequency measurement of graphene field-effect transistor for sensing applications.
- Charlotte Rulquin : Globally synchronized oscillations in complex cyclic games.
- Pierre Fromholz : Wide band Fresnel super-resolution applied to capillary breakup of viscoelastic fluids.
- Pierre Fromholz : The Schwarzschild metric : It’s the coordinates, stupid !.

Year 2012 :

- B. Néel : Dynamics of a first-order transition to an absorbing state.
- A. Cameron : Striped, Ellipsoidal Particles by Controlled Assembly of Diblock Copolymers.
- T. Maimbourg : Oscillon Dynamics and Rogue Wave Generation in Faraday Surface Ripples.
- F. Michel : Gravitating superconducting strings with timelike or spacelike currents
- M. Piccardo : Contact compliance effects in the frictional response of bioinspired fibrillar adhesives
- A. Reigue : Tiny Peaks vs Mega Backgrounds : A General Spectroscopic Method with Applications in Resonant Raman Scattering and Atmospheric Absorptions,
CW measurements of resonance Raman profiles, line-widths, and cross-sections of fluorescent dyes : application to Nile Blue A in water and ethanol
- Louis Gallouin : Asymptotically Matched Spacetime Metric for Non-Precessing, Spinning Black Hole Binaries
- T. Debelhoir : Probing Dynamics of an Electron-Spin Ensemble via a Superconducting Resonator

Year 2011 :

- M. Delehaye : Dynamic Spin Response of a Strongly Interacting Fermi Gas
- M. Delehaye : Density distribution of a trapped two-dimensional strongly interacting Fermi gas.
- O. Bertrand : Active, motor-driven mechanics in a DNA gel
- P. Illien : Suppression of Complex Fingerlike Patterns at the Interface between Air and a Viscous Fluid by Elastic Membranes
- P. Ronceray : The variety of ordering transitions in liquids characterized by a locally favoured structure
- P. Ronceray : Geometry and the entropic cost of locally favoured structures in a liquid
- T. Sartori : Planet Hunters : the first two planet candidates identified by the public using the Kepler public archive data
- E. Schaan : The stability of stratified, rotating systems and the generation of vorticity in the Sun
- G. Michel : Contribution of the stochastic forces to the fluctuation theorem

Year 2010 :

- B. Laslier : Nanometer Scale Spectral Imaging of Quantum Emitters in Nanowires and Its Correlation to Their Atomically Resolved Structure
- E. Vernier : Bound states of a localized magnetic impurity in a superfluid of paired ultracold fermions
- M. Hogervorst : Finite size scaling and triviality of ϕ4 theory on an antiperiodic torus
- R. Béliard : Absence of a Fermi surface in classical minimal four-dimensional gauged supergravity.
- S. Codis : Connecting the cosmic web to the spin of dark halos : implications for galaxy formation
- A. Perret : Generation of correlated photons in hydrogenated amorphous-silicon waveguides.
- A. Perret : Low-power inelastic light scattering at small detunings in silicon wire waveguides at telecom wavelengths.
- A. Rispe : Photon-Photon Gates in Bose-Einstein Condensate,
- A. Rispe : Controllable-dipole quantum memory
- P. Comini : Evaluation of Particle-Induced X-ray Emission and Particle-Induced γ-ray Emission of Quartz Grains for Forensic Trace Sediment Analysis

Year 2009 :

- G. Solard : Conjugate variables in quantum field theory : The basic case
- A. Berges : Drying of Complex Suspensions
- M. Filippone : Quantum phase transitions in fully connected spin models : An entanglement perspective
- S. Piatecki : Itinerant electrons in the Coulomb phase
- P. Jian : Programmable unitary spatial mode manipulation
- L. Valon : The cytoplasm of living cells behaves as a poroelastic material.
- L. Valon : Excess F-actin mechanically impedes mitosis leading to cytokinesis failure in X-linked neutropenia by exceeding Aurora B kinase error correction capacity.

Year 2008 :

- E. Hannezo : Cell Migration Driven by Cooperative Substrate Deformation Patterns,
- E. Hannezo : Glass-like dynamics of collective cell migration.

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Stages L3
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Actualités : Séminaire de Recherche ICFP
du 14 au 18 novembre 2022 :

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