Biomicrofluidics and Mesobiotechnologies : Tools and Perspectives

Yong Chen (Chemistry Department, ENS Paris) — January 7, 2016

"Nature does nothing uselessly" (Aristotle : I.1253a8). This point of view is particularly helpful when we develop new tools and methods for cell biology and biomedical studies. By mimicking the cellular microenvironment and the tissue organization, we explored the high potential of biomicrofluidics and mesobiotechnologies for applications in regenerative medicine, drug screening and cancer diagnosis. We will also discuss, among many others, issues related to the next generation microfluidics such as organ/body on chips or internet of microfluidic things, etc., taking into account the recent progresses and tremendous needs in coming years.

Biography :
Yong Chen received his Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics from the University of Montpellier in 1986. After three years at the Scuola Normale Superiorie di Pisa and Peking University, he became a CNRS researcher in 1990 and then moved to ENS, Department of Chemistry in 2003. He is also adjunct professor of Peking University and Kyoto University. Over 30 years, Yong Chen has been worked in different fields of nanosciences and nanotechnologies and he is now focused on applications of microfluidics and nanofabrication technologies for biomedical research, diagnosis and regenerative medicine.

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