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Photographic exhibition on the daily life of researchers from the department

The Department of Physics at the ENS is pleased to invite you to the exhibition "CHRONICLE OF RESEARCH" (photographs by Hubert Raguet), from June 7 to July 9, in the entrance hall located 24 rue Lhomond.

Project genesis

For 20 years, Hubert Raguet has been producing photographic reports on science for the magazine press and for the communication needs of research organizations, such as CNRS and INRIA. His work focuses on highlighting the experiences and discoveries of researchers.

In order to deliver the information that they are supposed to convey, the realization of these photographs almost systematically requires a staging whose purpose is to reconstitute, in a rewarding and meaningful way, a supposed action or situation that has existed. The genesis of these images leaves little room for the spontaneous capture of real events. During these reports, Hubert very often witnessed scenes of work or life, able to report the reality of life in research laboratories, without having time to fix them.

He therefore wished to work on a free and long-term photographic work, in order to offer a look at the research being done, at the rate at which it is progressing, to show the researchers as they are at their daily tasks in their relationships and collaboration, during events or circumstances that mark their course.

Following a report commissioned by the Department of Physics in February 2017, a contact was established between Hubert and some research teams, as well as with the department communication team. It is therefore natural that the department has given him a ‘carte blanche’ since June 2017, to enable him to undertake this personal work.
Realizing this report was for Hubert the assurance of offering a unique testimony by showing the quality of research in a place where are gathered technical workshops, engineering research, laboratories and offices.

Hubert Raguet has therefore followed three experimental teams and a theoretical researcher as regularly as possible, depending on availability, events or important actions for their work on more or less long time slots, being forgotten as much as possible to report of the life of research as it is.
As the shots progressed, the dialogue was consolidated between the Department of Physics and Hubert, which leads today to this exhibition.


These selected pieces are only a part of the photographic testimony still in progress and already rich with beautiful photographs.
This exhibition gives prominence to daily research, which is conducted in the continuity thanks to doctoral students, post-docs, trainees and research engineers, as well as by the team leaders who are there to supervise, manage and help to stay on course.

This testimony aims to show what research involves in terms of commitment, effort, contrary feelings, ungrateful or exhilarating tasks, willingness, discouragement and perseverance. The exhibition takes you behind the scenes of research and, whether you are familiar with it or not, promises you beautiful moments shared with a (small) part of those who practice it on a daily basis.

Thank you to them for having accepted this project and this look at their work with so much enthusiasm.

Enjoy your visit !

a photographic report by Hubert Raguet on the daily life of researchers from the ENS physics department
Photographs : Hubert Raguet
Scenography : Charlotte Normand
Coordination : Charlotte Normand, Stéphanie Troufflard