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Florent Krzakala & Sylvain Gigan have been awarded the Atos - Joseph Fourier Prize

Announced in March 2018, the Atos – Joseph Fourier Prize 2018 awards scientific excellence in high performance computing, artificial Intelligence and quantum computing.

The winners were honored at a ceremony chaired by Philippe Vannier, Advisor of the Atos Group for Technology and Philippe Lavocat, CEO of Genci, in the presence of personalities and representatives of the French scientific and industrial world. "I am impressed by the quality of the contributions in the fields of high performance computing, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. On this 250th anniversary of the birth of the famous French mathematician and physicist Joseph Fourier, I would like to congratulate all scientists and researchers for their long-term work and innovative ideas that will revolutionize Science, Economy and, more broadly, the life of tomorrow", explained Philippe Vannier.

The team of Igor Carron and Laurent Daudet won the first prize in the category dedicated to artificial intelligence. Co-founders of LightOn, they receive 10,000 euros.
LightOn is developing state-of-the-art optical equipment in collaboration with Sylvain Gigan and Florent Krzakala, respectively researcher at the Kastler Brossel Laboratory and at the Laboratory of Statistical Physics, for the creation of an optical processor, "which can accelerate by orders of magnitude IA programs and uncover possibilities still unknown.

In the latest issue of La recherche Florent Krzakala wonders how to find relevant information in a large dataset that seems at first glance chaotic, a crucial issue in the era of big data.