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Didier Courtiade, winner of the 2021 CNRS crystal medal

Didier Courtiade is in charge of the Infrastructures and Shops service of the Physics Department at the ENS. He is responsible for the renovation and laying out of experimental rooms, technical support for the experiments themselves, and the maintenance of the equipment - technical support for the experiments themselves, and all logistical services, - including the management of the material shop, which is so valuable to the department research teams, and finally, the maintenance of the infrastructures.
The ‘Cristal du CNRS’ is a reward for the excellence of his work at the departement, his very high technical level, his creativity and his capacity for innovation in order to solve the problems that are asked to him on a daily basis, in fields that are certainly often far upstream to the scientific discoveries, but without which the department research activities would be quite simply impossible. It also highlights the amazing state of mind he has been able to instil in his team as a leader.

More : https://www.cnrs.fr/fr/personne/medailles-de-cristal-2021