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L’Académie européenne de science récompense Jean Dalibard

Jean Dalibard a reçu un prix Blaise Pascal 2009 de l’European Academy of Sciences

In recognition of his outstanding and influential works in atomic physics and quantum optics : manipulation of atoms by electromagnetic fields to obtain extremely cold gases, with applications from metrology to collective quantum phenomena. In particular, Jean Dalibard proposed the principle of the magneto-optical trap, a tool henceforth very extensively and successfully used in atomic and molecular physics ; he also showed the possibility of realizing matter-wave frequency modulation. Since 1998, he has studied the properties of Bose-Einstein Condensates and has shown that condensates in rotation contain arrays of quantized vortices. With his team, he demonstrated the first example of a magnetically guided atomic beam in the collision regime, revealed interferences of an array of independent BECs and examined fermionic condensates.

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