Leonid GLAZMAN (Yale University)

Infos Complémentaires

Salle Conf IV, 24 rue Lhomond - 13h30

Jeudi 15 avril

Résumé :

One-dimensional quantum fluids are usually described within the Luttinger liquid theory. This theory simplifies a real system by
replacing the true spectrum of its particles with a linear one. Abandoning the simplification has proven to be difficult. This talk
describes a breakthrough which allows one to evaluate the dynamic responses of a non-linearized fluid. The hallmark of the new theory is
a set of new universal singularities of the dynamic response functions. It is applicable to a diverse group of systems, including, for example,
electrons in quantum wires and cold atomic gases in one-dimensional traps.

Salle Conf IV, 24 rue Lhomond - 13h30