Quantum Spintronics using Molecular nanoMagnets
Wolfgang WERNSDÖRFER (Institut NEEL)

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Salle de Conferences IV
24 rue Lhomond
2ème étage - 13h30

Jeudi 27 Janvier

Résumé :

This presentation will address a new field called molecular spintronics, which
combines the concepts of spintronics, molecular electronics and quantum computing
[1]. Various research groups are currently developing low-temperature
scanning tunnelling microscopes to manipulate spins in single molecules, while
others are working on molecular devices (such as molecular spin-transistors,
spin valves and filters, and carbon-nanotube-based devices [1]) to read and
manipulate the spin state and perform basic quantum operations. The talk
will discuss this - still largely unexplored - field and present our first results

*This work is supported by ANR-PNANO project, MolNanoSpin No. ANR-
08-NANO-002, ERC Advanced Grant MolNanoSpin No. 226558, and STEP

1. L. Bogani & W. Wernsdorfer, Molecular spintronics using single-molecule
magnets, Nature Mat. 7, 179 (2008).

Salle de Conferences IV
24 rue Lhomond
2ème étage - 13h30