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Dreaming of becoming a leading physicist one day ? Choose ENS-ICFP

The International Centre for Fundamental Physics and its interfaces at Ecole normale supérieure (ENS-ICFP) offers a two-year master’s program in Physics. The master’s program will combine the current curricula into a single two-year course of study (direct admission into the second year is also possible). Students will benefit from the prominent international standing of the ENS physics department while enjoying the high-quality master’s program specially conceived for those wishing to pursue doctoral studies. Beginning with the academic year 2012-13, almost all courses of the second year and the great majority of the courses in the first year will be given in English. Thanks to the funding support of the French National Research Agency, the department will offer this year 6 to 10 merit-based scholarships to outstanding students.

Program information and the online application are available on this page

The deadline for applications is May 18, 2012.