How do fluids flow at the wall ?
Patrick Tabeling (ESPCI)

Infos Complémentaires

Salle E244 - 24, rue Lhomond - 13h30

Jeudi 18 octobre

In a few words, microfluidics is the science of manipulation of fluids at the micrometric
scale. Microfluidics relies on a diversity of technologies that have led, over the
last decade, to produce new objects, interesting for a number of applications, for
example in the biomedical field. The same technologies have provided new tools
for investigating how fluids flow in confined spaces, or close to walls at distances
below 50 nm. I will show several situations, gases, simple liquids, polymers solutions.
In all cases, slippage is observed, sometimes with unusual characteristics.
The question of the existence of a cooperative length in soft particle glasses
(concentrated microgel suspensions), is also investigated.

Salle E244 - 24, rue Lhomond - 13h30