Research within the department is organized around two laboratories:
- the ENS Physics Laboratory (LPENS)
- Kastler-Brossel Laboratory (LKB)

Researchers at the Department are awarded many prizes, at all stages of their career (please visit ‘Prizes and awards’ for more information).

In addition to the award of the excellence laboratory ENS-ICFP to the entire department, several teams of the ENS physics department participate in Equipex projects, as the project MESO-PSL (coordinated by the GENCI) which will provide unprecedented computational power at the PSL level, the Equipex MIGA and REFIMEVE + project (transfer of time on the RENATER network). The teams are also involved in large-scale initiatives such as Pharao-Aces (clock in space) program, the Virgo (gravitational antenna) collaboration; project GBAR (freefall antimatter), the Graphene Flagship (one of Europe’s first ten-year, 1,000 million Euro flagships in Future and Emerging Technologies), etc.