Year 2015

Experiments with Ultracold Fermi gases: Quantum Degeneracy of Potassium-40 and All-solid-state Laser Sources for Lithium

Norman Kretzschmar (LKB)

This thesis presents novel techniques for the experimental study of ultracold quantum gases of fermionic lithium and potassium atoms. In the first part of this thesis, we describe the design and characterization of the new components of our (...) | ↦ Read more

Numerical modelling of solar and stellar dynamos

Raphaël Raynaud (LRA)

Dynamo action, i.e. the self-amplification of a magnetic field by the flow of an electrically conducting fluid, is considered to be the main mechanism for the generation of the magnetic fields of stars and planets. Intensive and systematic (...) | ↦ Read more

Two studies on conformal and strongly coupled quantum field theories in d > 2 dimensions

Matthijs Hogervorst (LPT)

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Using optical fibre cavities to create multi-atom entanglement by quantum Zeno dynamics

Leander Hohmann (LKB)

We show how an optical microcavity setup can create multiparticle entanglement in an ensemble of neutral atoms by means of quantum Zeno dynamics (QZD). Our setup combines an atom chip with a fibre Fabry-Perot (FFP) resonator and allows us to (...) | ↦ Read more

Coherent manipulation of an ytterbium Bose-Einstein condensate on the "clock" transition : from spectroscopy to artificial magnetism

Alexandre Dareau (LKB)

In this thesis, we report on the construction of an experiment aimed at trapping and cooling an ytterbium gaz, in order to realize artificial magnetic fields. In the long term, this setup will allow the study of strongly correlated quantum (...) | ↦ Read more

Fiber interfaces between single atoms and single photons

Sébastien Garcia (LKB)

The experimental study of entangled quantum states of single particle ensembles requires development of compact, robust and versatile systems. Motivated by miniaturization, stability et flexibility provided by optical fibers as light (...) | ↦ Read more

Numerical study of fractional topological insulators

Cécile Repellin (LPA)

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Methods for statistical inference on correlated data: application to genomic data

Eleonora De Leonardis (LPS)

The availability of huge amounts of data has changed the role of physics with respect to other disciplines. Within this dissertation I will explore the innovations introduced in molecular biology thanks to statistical physics approaches. In (...) | ↦ Read more

Cell assemblies in neuronal recordings: Identification and study through the inference of functional network models and statistical physics techniques

Gaia Tavoni (LPT)

My thesis illustrates a research on cell assemblies, groups of closely connected, synchronously activating neurons, which are thought to be the units of memory, and on the techniques of statistical physics and inference for the study of (...) | ↦ Read more

Indistinguishability of the photons emitted by a semiconductor quantum dot under cw resonant excitation

Raphaël Proux (LPA)

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Schrödinger Cat States of a Rydberg Atom for Quantum Metrology

Adrien Facon (LKB)

There is no fundamental limit to the precision of a classical measurement. The position of a meter’s needle can be determined with an arbitrarily small uncertainty. In the quantum realm, quantum fluctuations due to the Heisenberg principle limit (...) | ↦ Read more

Engineering doping profiles in graphene: from Dirac fermion optics to high frequency electronics

Quentin Wilmart (LPA)

The two dimensional nature and chirality of the graphene charge carriers have brought exciting opportunities for a new kind of electronics. We are now able to realize devices exploiting the Dirac nature of graphene electrons. They rely on i) (...) | ↦ Read more

Modeling Complex Systems by Thermostatted Kinetic Theory Methods

Carlo Bianca (LPS)

This dissertation is concerned with the review of my research activity starting from the PhD at the Politecnico of Turin to my research activity at ENS of Paris. The research activity has been mainly concerned with the development and (...) | ↦ Read more

Terahertz dynamics of carbon nanotubes

Matthieu Baillergeau (LPA)

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Measurement backaction and feedback on a superconducting qubit

Philippe Campagne-Ibarcq (LPA)

Abstract In quantum physics, a measurement corresponds to the interaction of a system with an observer, who is part of the environment. In general, this measurement disturbs the system state in a an effect known as the quantum backaction. This (...) | ↦ Read more